About Us


Petra's Playschool was founded in Placer County by Petra Collamer in December of 1997.  The preschool is located on a whimsical oak tree reserve.  Petra’s Playschool is a California State Licensed preschool which offers half-day educational programs for children almost three years of age up to five years of age.  The school offers a low child to teacher ratio and all teachers hold a four year university degree in the field of Early Childhood Education and have their Child Development Permits through the California State Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  

"When you come into our school, please remember - it is a child's world!  These activities are their ideas, their work, their fun!  Sometimes a child's idea of decoration, beauty and good housekeeping does not coincide with adults.  A child's imagination is great!  Children can do wonderful things - paint the wind, dance like a leaf, and find joy and happiness in performing simple tasks.  These are abilities that adults may have lost along the way.  Enter and return for a brief visit to the wonderful world of young children.  Enjoy their enthusiasm for living and learning."   -Unknown Author